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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beneath the Super Strings

This is still my favorite thing I have ever written!

He sighs and lays his head back in wonder
Somewhere within my perfect sky
Paisley diamonds bathe him
Shades of maroon
Kissed my turquoise night
They keep him safe and here with me
As I fold my arms around him
"Where are you off to, Little Brother?"
I whisper beneath the super strings
And how can there be faster than the light
Beyond the universe we see?
Then he smiles and says to me,
"Sometimes, I just let my mind go
Exploring everything
Searching for what is out there
What all is waiting for me"
Why can't I find the words to say?
I cannot tell him what tomorrow brings
How can I see past this paisley sky
And tell him everything he needs
Is woven into the Super Strings
Where it travels faster than the light
Far beyond everything we could ever dream

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