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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello blog!

Hey Bekah! Where the heck have you been?

Honestly, blog, I deleted you off my iPhone and forgot about you for a while. Not completely, though! Every now and then something pops in my head and I think, "Hey! That would be a great blog topic!"
Then what happens?
I forget it as quickly as it popped into my head.

So let me give you a quick run down of what you have missed.

We have gone (mostly) vegetarian and it's going really well. It took some getting use to but after a couple of weeks it became natural and I honestly can't stomach the thought of eating chicken again...ever!
I did cave and buy some organic, 100% grass fed beef yesterday for dinner tonight. It was my first meat purchase in months! Just a little FYI grass fed beef tastes a thousand times better then the normal crap you buy in your normal grocery store!

I'm still doing weight watchers. This weekend is my one year anniversary as a member and I should hit my 50lb. loss this weekend so I'm looking forward to that. Just 15lbs. more to go!

Lets see. What else is going on? Not much, really. Just tired most days. By the time the girls go down for a nap, I'm ready for one too. Maybe I should talk with my doctor about why I'm tired most days. That can't be normal, right?

Speaking of sleep, I'm going to bed. So we'll talk again soon, blog.



  1. Since your eating veggie these days, make sure your getting enough alternative protein and Iron!! Eat lots and lots of full leafy greens like spinach and broccolli for iron and lots of beans, tofu and nuts for the extra protein, lack of both will make you really tired and like of iron will make you anemic.... Keep an eye on how much of both your getting and take vitamin B will help too :)

  2. Good point! I do eat a lot of spinach and beans but I have given up on tofu! I cannot make that taste good in any way shape or form!

  3. Iron absorption is increased when you eat it with vitamin C, so pair your beans, eggs, nuts, iron-fortified breakfast cereals, and dark leafy greens with fruit and other high-vitamin C foods to get the most iron out of those foods!

    And remember what I told you yesterday about Calcium and Iron-- they don't mix! So try to eat those separately.

    Don't be tired!!! :)