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Friday, February 17, 2012


Oh My Goodness! Where have I been? 
I don't know but let's take a brief moment and talk about migraines!
I seem to get them WAY too often!
So what do I do? I do what I can to ease the pain and I carry on with my life as much as I can. I continue to cook, clean, shop, attend playgroup, and wear the smile that tells the world "I'm feeling fantastic!" because who really wants to hear about the three weeks of non stop agony you have been in?
I try to discourage the girls from their screaming as that just adds more hammer swings to the ice pick that is being driven through my scull.

Now let me clarify something. I don't ever "just have a headache" anymore. 
I wish it was so simple!
Instead, at the slightest spark of ache I know this will not go away. It will grow and throb and stab and carry on for weeks. I will feel every swing of some invisible force's sledge hammer as it drives the ice pick deeper and deeper into my brain. (Maybe it's the Furies?)
The last one I had was, by far, the worst one I had experienced, EVER! 
How bad was it?
Well, it put me in the emergency room and got me a CT scan after I passed out from the pain. This was back on January first and it had been going on for three weeks (thankfully it had eased up enough for me to thoroughly enjoy the Tori Amos concert). 
In the ER, I was given a non-narcotic pain killer and steroids to reduce the inflammation that was causing all the pain. I left pain free! The CT scan was normal. So YAY! No crazy tumor at the root of it all. 

I then went to my doctor to talk about getting this under control. She gave me Amitriptyline, which is mostly used as an anti-depressant but has showed success at treating daily migraines, like I have. She also gave me fioricet to take when I feel one coming on. So far, these have been working. I have been migraine free since January first! But I want to know why I keep getting these! So I have an appointment with a neurologist next Friday at 2pm. I was supposed to go see her today, but I'm sick so I had to reschedule. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the neurologist and finding out what's going on but at the same time I'm a little scared. What if there IS something wrong?

I keep telling myself, Maybe Jessica's suggestion is right. Maybe I just need to see a chiropractor. I mean, I WAS in a couple nasty accidents then I had two kids. Maybe all of it has been too much on my body and all I need is a good alignment. 

Jessica, I will cook you something awesome if that's what it turns out to be! Maybe corn dogs HA HA HA!!!
(Jessica is pregnant and in her last blog post he mentioned her craving for corn dogs)

So I guess I'll have a better idea after next Friday.
I'm sure I'll be back on here to disclose any results.
Sorry there was such a huge gap in posts. 
I'll try to make it a point to get on here more often.


  1. I used to get migraines and regular headaches all the time too, and after seeing the chiropractor regularly, they went away. When they start to come back, I know I am out of alignment and need to schedule an appointment or three again. My cervical vertabrae are actually twisting sideways (its something I inherited from my mom) and I was also in several car accidents which aggravated the problem even more.

  2. I really wouldn't be surprised it that's my problem! My friend, Jessica gave me her chiropractor's number. I'm going to wait until after I see the neurologist before I make an appointment.